Current GHIF Portfolio Investments

Intervention: Device

Targets: Postpartum hemorrhage

GHIF Financing: $7 million

Impact Objectives: Develop new gold-standard intervention for PPH

Intervention: Biologics manufacturing technology platform

Targets: Polio, Measles, Rubella

GHIF Financing: €8 million

Impact Objectives: Dramatic reductions in the cost of essential biologics; distributed manufacturing

Intervention: Vaccine platform

Targets: Chikungunya, Zika

GHIF Financing: €5.5 million

Impact Objectives: Protect at-risk communities from public health challenges such as mosquito-transmitted viruses

Intervention: Surgical device

Targets: Cataract-induced blindness and visual impairment

GHIF Financing: $3.0 million convertible note + $3.0 million preferred equity investment

Impact Objectives: Expand access to vision-restoring cataract surgery in resource-limited settings

Intervention: Treatment

Targets: Hookworm, Roundworm, Whipworm

GHIF Financing: $6.25 million project financing

Impact Objectives: Cure hundreds of millions of school-aged children from parasitic worm infections; expand arsenal of anthelmintics

Intervention: Diagnostic

Targets: Malaria, G6PDd, HIV, dengue, HPV, Zika

GHIF Financing: $8.0 million convertible note

Impact Objectives: Reduced cost of high-quality malaria RDTs; new, low-cost diagnostics for other diseases

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8 Million Circle

Intervention: Diagnostic

Targets: HIV, Ebola, HCV, malaria

GHIF Financing: $6.0 million loan + $2 million equity investment

Impact Objectives: Improved professional testing and self-testing

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Intervention: Diagnostic

Targets: Preeclampsia (PE), gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)

GHIF Financing: $10.0 million project financing

Impact Objectives: Early, affordable, point-of-care PE/GDM testing; ↓ maternal/infant mortality/morbidity

Intervention: Diagnostic

Targets: Tuberculosis (TB), HCV

GHIF Financing: $8.0 million convertible bond

Impact Objectives: Diagnosis of TB and HCV on a near-point-of-care molecular diagnostic platform, enabling more effective treatment

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lungs (1)

liver (1)

8 Million Circle

Intervention: Vaccine

Targets: Cholera

GHIF Financing: $5.0 million in senior loan and preferred equity investments

Impact Objectives: Increase global supply of affordable vaccine doses; deliver improved presentation at $1/dose

Intervention: Treatment

Targets: Onchocerciasis (river blindness)

GHIF Financing: $10.0 million project financing

Impact Objectives: Accelerate the eradication of onchocerciasis; improve treatment outcomes

Preliminary Social Impact Metrics*

Estimated Number of Lives Improved

per year at scale

Themis :: 1,100,000 Lives Improved
Atomo :: 600,000 Lives Improved
EuBiologics :: 880,000 Lives Improved
Moxidectin :: 625,000 Lives Improved
Access Bio :: 1,540,000 Lives Improved
IanTech :: 1,500,000 Lives Improved

Estimated Number of Lives Saved

per year at scale

Access Bio :: 3,000 Lives Saved
Atomo :: 47,000 Lives Saved
EuBiologics :: 10,000 Lives Saved

*Represents preliminary impact modeling efforts by GHIA; subject to refinement and change as the GHIF portfolio matures and assumptions evolve.